Magento "Is Anchor" option in category properties

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Last update: 2012-01-05

Magento's "Is Anchor" option set in category properties at Catalog > Manage Categories > Category name > Display settings screen in Magento backend controls the layered navigation display on category pages.

Is Anchor option in Magento category



When 'Is Anchor' option is set to "yes", links to categories are replaced by set of filters, including price, categories and custom options enabled in the category properties, clicking the link will preserve the current layer (staying at the same category) and will just filter the output according to selected option:

Layered navigation in Magento




When 'Is Anchor' option is set to "no", only links to categories are shown in "Shop by" section (thus, clicking the link will open a subcategory page and switch layer down into the subcategory):

Category-based navigation in Magento

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