Magento + Google Base, Expected response code 200, got 502.

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Publishing any Magento product to GoogleBase results in the following error message:

Expected response code 200, got 502. 
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The reason of this error message is that old Google Base API used in Magento 1.5 is deprecated.



There is a new extension (compatible with Magento which provides new Shopping API, Mage_GoogleShopping. The extension key is community/Mage_GoogleShopping and you can install it at System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.

Please note, that installing the latest version of the extension requires Magento 1.6, so installation will try to upgrade earlier Magento versions to Magento at least.


Please note, that the extension should be configured first. There is a separate configuration item under System > Configuration > Sales > Google API > Google Shopping (instead of Google Base) and items are submitted through Catalog > Google Content > Manage Items (instead of Catalog > Google Base).


For configuring the extension it is recommended to check the extension documentation.

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