How do I migrate / transfer my existing Magento installation to Magenting?

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Last update: 2011-05-27

First of all, we will migrate your existing installation for free on our own as an initial setup for our Fly Magento, Power of Freedom or Triple Power plans. Please get in touch with the Support Team to migrate your existing Store.
We will also migrate your existing installation to any of our plans (including the free plans) for an additional fee. To do so, please order the migration service using this link and get in touch with our Support Team.

If you wish to migrate your installation on your own, please use the following steps:

  • (optional) Lower the TTL for the domain name of your Store on your current nameservers down to 600 seconds (10 minutes) to minimize the period of time required for switching nameservers (NS records) or A records
  • Do not perform any updates to your Store during migration (do not upload new products, setup new pages, etc.)
  • Backup your Store's filesystem by opening the directory with Store files in your filemanager and downloading all files to your computer/workstation (or download Magenting's backup)
  • Backup your Store's database by opening phpMyAdmin and navigating to Export page to create SQL dump (or download Magenting's backup).  
  • Backup the app/etc/local.xml file from your Magenting installation. It contains database connection details that we need to apply after transferring files from the old location
  • Upload Store files to your Magenting store installation (please check the How do I upload files / images / change templates article for instructions)
  • If your Store is based on the Magento 1.3 installation, please modify the Magento code to run on PHP 5.3, as described in How to run Magento 1.3 with PHP 5.3 version
  • Import your Magento Store database using the phpMyAdmin tool (you need to drop all existing tables or recreate the database before starting the import)
  • In phpMyAdmin, update your Base URL to use the temporary domain name at Magenting (like <yourstore>, where <yourstore> should be replaced with the name of your Store at Magenting). Login to phpMyAdmin, navigate to the core_config_data table, and change the values of the fields with 'web/unsecure/base_url' and 'web/secure/base_url' path:

phpmyadmin -magento change base url

  • Edit the app/etc/local.xml file by entering correct database connection details saved earlier and replace everything between the following tags with data taken from the original Magenting installation:
     <!-- insert your data from Magenting's app/etc/local.xml here-->
  • Open <yourstore> URL in your browser and verify that everything works correctly
  • Add your domain name to your Store, as described in How do I add own domain name to My Store
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