How do I import my existing Magento database from another place?

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To import your existing database please enable phpMyAdmin access for your Store as described in How do I access my database, then drop all existing tables and import the dump at Import tab in phpMyAdmin interface.


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Detailed instructions

  • Export your database on the source server:
    • Login to phpMyAdmin on the source server
    • Right after login to phpMyAdmin switch to the Export tab (1)
      At the Export page:
      • select the Magento database you are transferring in the Export section (2)
      • make sure the SQL option is selected in the Export section (3)
      • enable Enclose export in transaction and Disable foreign key checks options in the Options section (4)
      • enable Save as file checkbox and select gzipped option (5), (6)
      • click on Go button and save the database dump file on your workstation

    Export Magento database

  • Import the Magento database dump on the destination server:
    • Enable phpMyAdmin access to your Magenting installation as described in How do I access database article
    • Login to phpMyAdmin on destination (your Magenting installation)
    • At the Structure tab scrolldown the page to the bottom and click Select All to select all tables
    • (note, all existing database data will be DELETED at the destination at the next step) 
    • select Drop option in the With selected drop-down:
      Drop all tables in existing Magento database
    • repeat the prevuois step until there are no any tables in the database at the destination server
    • Switch to the Import tab
    • Click on the Browse button, select database dump file created at the Export step and click on the Go button:
      Import Magento database dump
    • as soon as import complete you may need to reset Magento Admin password or change the Magento Base URL to match your new installation, as this data is overwritten by the new dump.
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