Do you have the Ioncube Loader extension enabled?

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Last update: 2011-09-10

IonCube Loader is a binary PHP module designed to load PHP code shipped in a binary form prepared by IonCube encoders. Some vendors distribute their code in a binary form to protect the code from modifications or external reviews.

To load and run such code it is required to load into PHP processor a binary module from IonCube. The IonCube Loader module is not loaded on our shared plans as well as any other thrid-party binary modules (including Zend Loader etc.).


Ioncube-encoded modules can not be viewed/fixed/adjusted in any way (so, noone except developer actually knows what exactly is running and whether the code have any expiration date/license or not, only the person encoded the extension is able to make any changes/fixes, release updates) and requires binary proprietary loader from Ioncube, which have the same limitations. That is why on our plans binary modules are available only for isolated instances. In a such way, our customers on shared plans are protected from the binary dependency/suspense and customers on isolated plans are free to run any custom part of binary code on any PHP version, which Ioncube or any other binary module they use is currently compatible with.


Any binary module, including Ioncube Loader can be loaded on our isolated plans (Power of Freedom, Triple Power).

For shared plans it is recommended to use extensions that do not require Ioncube Loader or any other third-party binary module.

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