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In 1.7 version Magento backup subsystem has been improved to allow filesystem and media backups and rollback to previously created backups.

Magento backups are managed at System > Tools > Backups where you can create new database backup, media backup or filesystem backup, download all backups to your workstation or restore Magento state to one of previously created backups:


To create full backup of your Magento Store please use the following steps:

  • navigate to System > Tools > Backups screen in Magento admin (screenshot above)
  • click on System Backup button at System > Tools > Backups
  • click on Ok button to supress notification:

  • enter the backup name and enable "Exclude media folder from backup" option (separate backup for media is more convenient)
  • wait until backup completion and repeat the process for database and media files by clicking on Database and Media backup button
  • when backups are ready, download backup files to your workstation by clicking on tgz / gz links in Download column

Warning: if you selected "Put store on the maintenance mode while backup creation" your store will be unavailable while backups task is running returning "Service unavailable" page. To switch the maintenance mode off you can delete maintenance.flag manually as described in Service Temporarily Unavailable article.


Automatic / Scheduled Magento backups

To automate backups creation you can use built-in Magento scheduled backup settings at System > Configuration > Advanced > System > Scheduled backup settings screen:

Alternate ways

If Magento backup functionality is not available in your Magento version, you can use generic way to backup your system with Export feature of phpMyAdmin and downloading all system files via FTP.


Magenting interface have an option to pack all Store files and fresh database dump into a ZIP-archive, accessible for your FTP account. In order for you to create such ZIP-archive, please navigate to the My Stores section in Magenting panel, click on the Settings button for your Store and then click on the Backup button:

Backup Magento store in Magenting



As soon as backup is ready, you should receive an email notification to your mailbox.

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