How do I enable SSL / HTTPS connections to my Store?

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Last update: 2011-04-17

To use SSL it is required to obtain SSL certificate/certificates for your domain.
SSL certificates can be obtained from any SSL authority for varied price (starting from free for personal certificates at

Some authorities (GoDaddy, for example) can issue a single SSL certificate for several domains at once.

SSL protocol requires a dedicated IP-address per every certificate. The advantage of single SSL certificate is that it can be used on a single IP-address for all domains (and it does not limit the certificate to single installation, it can be installed several times on different installations/IP-addresses).

In order to issue certificate SSL authority will request you to provide a CSR (SSL certificate requests). We can generate CSR (SSL certificate requests) for you, please contact Support Team with a list of domain names which needs SSL.


When SSL files for your domains are ready you can simply send it to Support to enable SSL / HTTPS for your domains.

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