Invalid method Mage_Wishlist_Model_Item::canConfigure

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The following error message is shown on upgrade from Magento 1.4.x.x to Magento 1.5 version:

Invalid method Mage_Wishlist_Model_Item::canConfigure

The error indicating theme incompatibility with Magento 1.5 version and occurs due to changed method getPriceHtml

It is needed to correct theme files in app/design/frontend/<your_theme_package>/<your_theme>/template/wishlist/*.phtml files rewriting the code to use


instead of


You can check the current wishlist .phtml implementation in default theme: app/design/frontend/base/defautl/template/wishlist/


Other, more simple solution, can be to delete app/design/frontend/<your_theme_package>/<your_theme>/template/wishlist directory to let the default theme files do the job. In most cases, the wishlist files in the custom theme directory are just default templates from base Magento 1.4.x.x theme.

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