Price format and currency sign can not be changed on home page with Magik_Tools, Magik_Clothes, ElectroMagik or MagikBeauty Magento themes

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Last update: 2012-07-11


Changes for price format and currency sign are not reflected on home page, best seller block, new products block or Inchoo featured products block when Magik_Tools or Magik_Clothes or ElectroMagic or MagikBeauty Magento theme is used. Products are shown with '$' currency sign, no matter which currency is set for the store at System > Configuration > General > Currency Settings in Magento backend.


Price format and currency sign is hardcoded in the theme template.


Replace the code in app/design/frontend/default/clothes_store/template/catalog/random.phtml by inserting

<?php echo $this->getPriceHtml($displayed_products[$random_products[$i]], true, '-new') ?>

instead of

<span class="regular-price" id="product-price-37">
 <span class="price" >$<?php echo $displayed_products[$random_products[$i]]->getPrice(); ?></span>


clothes_store in the template path above should be replaced according to your theme (i.e. electro_magik, magik_tools etc.). Additional templates that may require fixing are:

  • ElectroMagik Magento theme
    • app/design/frontend/default/electro_magik/template/cms/home.phtml
    • app/design/frontend/default/electro_magik/template/inchoo/bestseller.phtml
  • Clothes Store Magento theme
    • app/design/frontend/default/clothes_store/template/catalog/random.phtml
    • app/design/frontend/default/clothes_store/template/cms/home.phtml
    • app/design/frontend/default/clothes_store/template/inchoo/bestseller.phtml
  • Magik_Beauty Magento theme
    • app/design/frontend/default/magik_beauty/template/catalog/random.phtml
    • app/design/frontend/default/magik_beauty/template/cms/home.phtml
    • app/design/frontend/default/magik_beauty/template/inchoo/bestseller.phtml
  • Magik_tools Magento theme
    • app/design/frontend/default/magik_tools/template/catalog/random.phtml
    • app/design/frontend/default/magik_tools/template/cms/home.phtml
    • app/design/frontend/default/magik_tools/template/inchoo/bestseller.phtml

The fix is applied already if theme was installed automatically via installer.

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