How do I upgrade Magento via Magento Connect

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Last update: 2012-04-28

This article applies to Magento and later versions (How do I check Magento version).


Before starting Magento upgrade make sure the upgrade it is right time and Magento version to upgrade to:

  • check Magento ReleaseNotes for the latest stable Magento version, are there fixes and features required for your store or may be currently installed version works just fine with your current configuration
  • if you are upgrading production store to new major version consider to give a few weeks for the community to find possible issues
  • check Magento Upgrades forum for known issues and possible solutions



To upgrade your Magento version use the following steps:

  • make sure you have a fresh database and filesystem backup. You can create one as described in How do I backup my Magento Store article.
  • clear and disable all Magento caches at System > Cache Management:
  • disable Magento Compiler
  • navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect manager, switch to Settings tab
  • make sure that Preferred state option is set to Stable:

  • switch to Extensions tab
  • paste community/Mage_All_Latest extension key and click on the Install button:
  • open any page in backend (Return to Admin link) to verify the upgrade
  • delete maintenance.flag file
  • reindex all indexes at System > Index Management
  • enable all caches at System > Cache Management
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