I forgot my Magento Admin password. How do I restore it?

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Last update: 2010-12-20

Please use one of the following ways:

  • Login to Magenting panel at http://magenting.com/ (please use the “Forgot password” link at the top right corner if you also forgot your Magenting password)
  • Switch to the My Stores section
  • Click on the Login link to enter into the Magento Admin area without entering your password

Login to Magento


In case it does not work, please click on the Settings button for the store on the My Stores screen (found in the Settings row on the image above) and switch to the Store Settings section. After that, click on the Change button in the Change Store Admin password section:

Reset Magento Admin password from Magenting

Please allow a few minutes for the daemon to reset the password and try to Login using either the Login button or entering the password directly into the Magento Login form.

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