How to use Windows built-in Explorer for FTP access:

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Last update: 2010-12-20
  • Copy the ftp:// link that you received in the email notification with the FTP access details (to restore FTP access, please follow instructions in the How do I reset my FTP password? article).
  • Press [Windows]+[E] shortcut to start Explorer or click on My Computer and paste the link into the address bar:

FTP access in Windows Explorer

The folder with Store files should then open in the Explorer window.

In case it does not work, please ensure that FTP passive mode is enabled in Internet Explorer by doing the following:

  • Start Internet Explorer
  • Open the "Tools > Advanced" menu
  • Enable "Use Passive FTP" and "Enable FTP folder view" options
  • Click on the "Apply" button and then "OK" button
  • Retry these steps by opening the FTP link in the Explorer window
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